NPD Life Coaching & Consulting


Simply put, I help victims of Narcissistic Abuse.

My support ranges from helping people break the trauma bond, heal from Complex-PTSD, make sense of their bewildering experience, regain themselves and find happiness. I also work with clients to develop practical strategies to counter the smear campaign, to turn the tables on narcopaths, to protect their wealth and property, to negate and unwind Parental Alienation, and to move from prey to predator.


The Threat

With indications that pathological narcissism, or Narcissistic Personality Disorder, runs at a rate of about 6.2% of the general population, it is definitely something that is going to impact on you, adversely, at some stage in your life. If it does, it is likely to be nasty, rising to devastating and, in all too many cases, fatal.

NPD is a highly complex personality disorder that very few people understand, including professional psychologists. To do so, it is widely believed that you have had to experience it first hand, for a protracted period as a child or romantic partner of a pathological narcissist, and then spend considerable time researching the condition to make sense of it.


The Solution

Stewart Cook NPD Therapist

Life Coaching and Management Consulting

I provide Life Coaching support to victims of Narcissistic Abuse.

Family Matters

I help people break free from their abusers – be they a spouse/partner, a parent or other family member, and done in such a way that their abusers allows them to escape. We can then work to resolve the trauma that manifests itself in C-PTSD that, if left unchecked, can lead to so many auto-immune related ailments and diseases.

Corporate Environment

I also work with businesses – where a business partner, a work colleague, boss or difficult client is causing stress in a corporate setting. An MBA and deep understanding of business allows me to advise not just on resolving the trauma etc – but help you instigate strategies to steady the corporate ship, safeguard investments, preserve jobs and save you money.

Legal Strategies

We live in a world governed by the rule of law – and whilst legal process may indeed be required to confirm arrangements legally, my aim is to guide you through strategies that keep the battleground out of the law courts – be it family law or litigation – and into an arena that will give you a more effective, less stressful, fairer and quicker solution instead.

Working Together

I work by internet – audio and/or video conferencing – with appointments that can be booked online with ease.

To understand how I can assist you, please treat yourself to a 15 minute, no obligation, free of charge Discovery Chat.

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