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I’m not a therapist, nor am I a mental health professional. I have no intention of becoming your shoulder to cry on for decades whilst endlessly asking you how you feel. But consider me as your guide for the journey, your guru to inspire and enlighten you, your rock to support you, your cheer-leader to garner the support you need and your champion to build you back up. I am determined to return you to your normal self soonest.


Stewart Cook NPD Life Coach

My Role

I’m a survivor who directs my experience, and indeed skills learnt in earlier careers as Army Officer and Management Consultant, to help other navigate their way out of despair and toward flourishing and prospering once again. I seek to help you turn your life around as quickly and painlessly as possible. Don’t get me wrong – I’m deeply empathic and I speak your language. But I’m also a problem solver and on a mission to get you fixed.


Your Journey

I’ll take you on a journey to get issues with your past experiences resolved, heal inner wounds, and then to develop a totally different relationship with yourself. Lots of self-respect, esteem, confidence. Your current predicament undoubtedly has left with a gaping void – we’ll ensure that we fill the void not with yet another toxic character, but with a revitalised and reinvented you. Make you robust, confident and self-reliant.

I’ll tailor my support to meet your needs, and can span the full range from the initial realisation of the crisis besetting you, all the way through to settling you down in new and abundant relationships, career and lifestyle.


Our Aim

Tangling with a narc changes us for life, and there is no getting away from this reality. But that is not to say that the rebuilt you should be in any way inferior to the original version. You’ll be different, but you also have every possibility of being stronger, wiser, kinder and with greater self-confidence. Ultimately, my objective is to help you find the very best version of yourself and in every walk of your life. To re-establish yourself, rich in abundance and love.

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