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Over the years I’ve helped many clients resolve a variety of issues relating to Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), as well as Borderline Personality Disorder, clearing the fog of confusion and bewilderment, breaking trauma bonds, achieving personal forgiveness, mitigating parental alienation, re-establishing self confidence and esteem, and rebuilding lives and relationships. Here are a few of the testimonials received.

After years of wasted therapy, a solution at last!

Twenty-two years of “brain fog” has been lifted! Stewart has helped me understand why I attracted a Sociopath which I endured an 8 year long battle with – this included his Sociopathic mother, domestic violence, sexual violence, financial abuse, emotional abuse, narcissistic rage, attacking of faith, trauma bonding and CPTSD. Since finding Stewart the CPTSD has basically vanished, he has helped me to find strength and given me back-up to be who I am and go for what I believe in. Over the fourteen years since I left my ex I couldn’t find a psychologist to help with the above – let alone someone who understood it! The added bonus is that he has helped me to see that I am actually a person worthy of love – especially my husbands love. Stewart is very empathetic and patient – it’s simply a shame he is on the other side of the world as I’d truly give him a great BIG hug!!!

Mrs A, Australia

Winning strategies to turn the tables

Had to send quick message to say a MASSIVE thank you! For several days I’ve been calling on all the alternative routes you provided, applied reverse psychology & temporarily became one of ‘them’ to achieve my goal of getting his agreement for youngest to stay at current boarding school. His suggested, unworkable, damaging alternative of a foreign boarding school, a significant overseas flight from both parents, kept me awake at night. So, using the strategies you’ve suggested, and with the backing of her current Head, & school, I’ve won & without £££s on court fees!!! Boundless, albeit silent, celebrations this afternoon between youngest and myself. THANK YOU. 😇
Mrs F, Scotland

Resolving Narcissistic Abuse and Complex-PTSD

I spent more than a decade reading and feeling confused about narcissistic abuse. A contact recommended Stewart’s coaching and i now see why he comes so highly recommended.
In just one session, Stewart explained how narcopaths operate in a way no other article or specialist had been able to and I already feel like I’m making a transition from helpless victim to skilled survivor.
This is absolutely the investment you need to make to heal into a stronger, more resilient you.
Miss S, UK

Recovery Coaching

Having found Stewart by pure chance on Quora I couldn’t be more grateful for the precise, confident and life-saving advice I have received. I had no idea I needed an “Abuse Recovery Coach” nor did I know that such a thing even existed let alone understand the insidious “trauma bond” in which I was trapped. That was 6 months ago and I can honestly say that I am a completely different person now, still struggling to make sense of it all but from a place of confidence where I trust myself again to make the right decisions for my exciting future. His recovery advice of turning “victim” into “predator” and how to do and be that has been no less that masterful. A strong ally that you can trust is what you need when your life and world has exploded in disbelief and horror. I am so proud to say that that way of life is now way, way behind me. Thank you, my friend.
K. Los Angeles

Domestic Abuse

I am a retired Police Officer having served in several UK Police forces. Having attending many hundreds of domestic abuse incidents, one of the perplexing things in the overwhelming vast majority of cases was trying to understand why the victim would not leave their abuser, in many cases declaring their love for them, despite what injuries/psychological abuse they had received. I was about to be taught a long hard lesson!
Some 30 years ago I got enmeshed in a relationship that turned out to be emotionally then physically abusive, but somehow I could not leave, believing that I could fix things, however events progressively got worse and recently things became so bad/bizarre I went searching for answers, this is when I contacted Stewart who validated my belief that I had been in what overwhelmingly appears to be a Narcissistic abusive relationship and that I had become Trauma Bonded.
I have been in regular contact with Stewart who has reinforced my new found knowledge about NPD and he is assisting my journey out of this situation/divorce at times when I falter. I have been on a victim of Domestic Abuse course run by the local authority, all but one of the Facilitators had never heard of the term Narcissistic Abuse and the one that did obviously did not understand it.
I found Stewart to be a great listener well educated with plenty of life experience and would highly recommend him if you are enmeshed with a Narcopath.
Mr A, UK

Diagnosis & Validation, Building Self-Esteem

I approached Stewart believing that I was a narcissist, and wanting clarification and to see whether it was something I could cure. We spoke at length about it, and he has pointed me in another direction – one that makes so much sense and explains why I feel so different to everyone else. He is so easy to talk with, I feel that finally I am being understood, and my confusion is lifting. He is teaching me how I can totally change my mindset, moderate by behaviours and avoid some of the flashpoints that I have regularly experienced in the past. I feel that I have someone who believes in me at last, and I can now start to believe in myself. It is doing wonders for my self-confidence and esteem. Also, as a young entrepreneur, he is helping me with professional coaching as well as personal.

Mr A, Bangladesh

Recurring Nightmares

After going into a relationship after my divorce, some two years previous. I thought I had found the love of my life. Blinded by the overwhelming events that swept me off my feet, I started seeing familiarities of a previous relationship I had been in some 25 years previous. By pure chance and with a stroke of luck I came across Stewart. We discussed events, conversations and themes in depth, and Stewart quickly confirmed a high risk of NPD. We’ve spoken about other girlfriends stretching back over 30 years of dating, and whilst none have been the same, the common themes have suddenly become clear. Stewart’s knowledge of NPD is profound, and his way of describing the nonsense is super clear and easy to understand thanks to layman’s terms and great analogies. Through his guidance I have come to understand what NPD is, how it works, how it manifests itself and, perhaps most importantly, my role in attracting and enabling the mayhem. I can now spot narcs, and avoid them, much earlier into knowing them – a great asset given my current focus to find a partner. What’s more, he has guided to uncover childhood wounds I never thought I even had, and then to work on them. I feel wiser, more confident, and in good shape to meet someone special.

Mr G, UK


Needing to talk

Stewart has an engaging ability to listen with endless patience, to understand the realities of your situation and to a convey & build your understanding of the complexity of psychological issues and how best to move forwards. His manner is kind, empathic and supportive and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for guidance and assistance.

Miss V, UK