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Having established my business thinking that I would provide support primarily to men, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the mixed bag. In a sector dominated by female practitioners, it appears that ladies seek something else in me.


Making the Difference

Specific insight and support includes:

  • Ladies often have enough female friends offering a shoulder to cry on and all kinds of advice. My clients are after a different viewpoint, a man’s perspective of what has just happened to them, and a different insight as to how to deal with it.
  • When women are abused by men, they tend to have a greater propensity to tar all men with the same brush. By working with an emotionally intelligent man, they are better able to overcome that stereotyping.
  • When it comes to re-immersing in the world of dating, having a guy’s perspective from someone who knows and understands them helps. A sort of gay best friend with the added bonus of a heterosexual viewpoint.

My style is rather more driven and results-focussed appealing to women who want results and progress, and not just “being heard” – which appears to offer a welcome change from the incessant “and how does that make you feel”.

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