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Pathological Narcissism is endemic in big business. Often wrongly acclaimed as rising stars, narcopaths in the workplace can undermine moral, decimate work teams, drive away customers, cause scandal and bog down companies. Whilst you might hope they have a stellar impact on the bottom line, in reality they are more likely to destroy it.



Jekyll & Hyde, Machiavellian

Normal people have a degree of allegiance to their employer, of morality and conscientiousness in the way they conduct themselves, and a loyalty to their co-workers. Not so the narcissist who will act entirely in their own self-interest, with little or not conscience – and yet still maintain the appearance of charm, charisma and competence. Veritable Jekyll & Hyde types, they can cause unparalleled chaos to businesses.


The Damage

In addition to my support to individuals, I also consult to corporates keen to establish work environments free from the ravages of a pathological narcissist that can include:

  • Workplace bullying
  • Sexual harassment
  • Short-term focus on profits at the expense of long-term stability and viability
  • Nepotism and sycophantism
  • High staff turnover
  • Falsification and false accounting
  • Identifying trouble-makers and facilitating their swift departure


The Solution

I work with companies in a consulting role, in either HR departments and/or reporting to the Board, to mitigate adverse effects of pathological narcissism across a full range of business functions. My focus is to improve mental health and moral in the workplace, reduce staff absenteeism and turnover, align business objectives with personal aspirations, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and to improve efficiencies in both operations and staff interactions. Your accountants will love me because I improve the bottom line. Your staff and managers will love me because I improve the quality of their working lives, their enjoyment of their jobs, and the sense of camaraderie in the teams they are part of.

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