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For you to be here on this website, the chances are you are at your very lowest ebb ever – emotionally, psychologically, and financially. I know – I was there myself a few years ago. I aim to deliver the most comprehensive service, going way beyond what a traditional therapist is able to, seeking to turnaround your situation in the fastest time, saving you money in the process and returning you to abundance.

In working with clients, I seek to deliver the following clear benefits:



  • Saving money with legal fees.
  • Saving money with therapists and counselling.
  • Safeguarding the theft, embezzlement and loss of wealth / assets.
  • Saving businesses and careers.
  • Returning you to full productivity asap.



  • Retain positive relationships friends and family.
  • Turning tables on the smear campaign.
  • Win back those who you may have initially lost in the smear campaign against you.
  • Flush out toxic “friends” likely to betray you, contribute to the smear campaign and spy on you – and compromise their influence.


Healing You

  • Breaking the trauma bond.
  • Resolving the trauma.
  • Healing the Complex-PTSD.
  • Restoring your mental and physical health.
  • Identifying and healing earlier wounds that made you vulnerable to narcissistic attentions in the first place.
  • Dramatically increase the chances of you avoiding auto-immune diseases later in life.


Rebuilding You

  • Filling the void
  • Learning self-love
  • Establishing boundaries
  • (Re)building your self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Restoring your trust in yourself, and in humanity.
  • Restoring your mojo and appetite for life.
  • Getting you back into abundance – in careers, hobbies, sports, relationships, parenting etc


Halting the Narc in their Tracks

Left unchecked, the narcopath will continue to abuse you at will, both directly and indirectly, for as long as they possibly can. I actively work with my clients to put in place strategies that turn the tables, and stop the abuse – very often dead in its tracks. I can bring other resources to bear – in the virtuous antidote to the smear campaign.

Hero and Guide

Many survivors crave a personal hero –  who totally gets everything that is going on, and who has the skills to make sense of it all. Someone who can remove from them the overwhelming pressure bearing down on them. To clear the fog of confusion, bewilderment and betrayal. To swiftly lead them on a journey of recovery. The service I offer models precisely that which I wished I had had in 2015 when I went through the wringer:

  • Split following a 25 year relationship
  • Battling Parental Alienation
  • Extracting myself from four co-owned businesses.
  • Countering a smear campaign that blighted relationships with my family and friends, and split an entire town.
  • Protecting and steering my children through the nightmare and deweaponising them.


Don’t Delay

I would just add this – time is of the essence. A classic case of a stitch in time saves nine – financially, with relationships, with your physical and mental health. If you are a survivor of Narcissistic Abuse, I would encourage you to act without further delay – even a free 15 minute session will give you guidance on how to halt the slide, and with no further commitment to continue with sessions with me.

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