Divorce Support and Strategies

Living with a Narcopath is very difficult indeed.

Divorcing one is a whole load worse.

I help clients navigate this extremely painful and emotional period of their lives:

  • Securing a safe place (emotionally, financially and physically)
  • Protection from stalking, spying and intrusion
  • Steadying the ship
  • Countering the smear campaign
  • Building the legal strategy
  • Helping you limiting embezzlement and financial haemorrhage
  • Breaking the trauma bond and resolving the cognitive dissonance
  • Understanding NPD, recovering from Complex-PTSD
  • Rebuilding physical and mental health
  • Managing the Narcopath whilst in hot contact


Protecting the Kids

My work extends to providing guidance on managing the kids and safeguarding against Parental Alienation.


Conventional Wisdom

Having been through the wringer myself, and frankly having given far too much lip service to conventional wisdom under pressure from friends and family (and paid the price accordingly), I treat with enormous suspicion advice such as: “You just need to let go”, “don’t engage”, “turn a page and move on”, “don’t stoop to their level”, “stiff upper lip” and the like.

Phrases like this are appropriate for normal splits – but in many instances they are wholly counter-productive for narcissistic discards and breakups. Abide by these sorts of mantras and the victim can all too easily become an active participant and enabler of their own abuse. They contribute to the fog, confusion and bewilderment of discard in a manner that gaslights the victim further.

Instead I help clients balance conventional wisdom with more revolutionary and progressive styles that seek to take a more robust stance with narcissistic abuse, to curtail and limit it at worst, and stop, and even reverse, it at best.

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